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I have an Old Out of Date POS 75 Nova with a 454 and low 10 sec times, and can still beat the **** out of your Rice-burning Wedd-eater you call fast and cool...... BTW just for the record stupid lights on every corner of your car and a "Fart" can does not make your car look and sound fast.... It makes it look and sound like a damn Carnival Ride, so shut up and "Buzz" off... Yeah you better just sit there all leaned over in your car with your cap on backwards, arm all stretched out just to react the steering wheel, with so much bass in your sound system you can hear every loose part in your car shake... You want performance and good looks? Dont waste your money on a joke... Get a true American Steel body with 5 times more horsepower than your IQ, and more liters than your pop bottle! If not I'll be looking for you in my 97 Olds with a POS quad 4 just to make you feel even worse in your Mobile Sound System, Your bottle wont mean **** to me either, because its not even full because your dad wouldnt pay for that. I dont need my Nova to make you look bad. Have a nice day ;-)